5 Part-time Jobs That Can Become Real Careers

In today’s economy, it’s becoming more and more apparent that in order to get ahead, it’s necessary to hustle a little bit. For a lot of us, the economy and job climate is such that it’s not always possible to have one full-time job that pays your bills. It is now commonplace for young people to take part-time jobs and other “gigs” to make ends meet. Many of us find ourselves looking for a fun, lucrative side job that we can start out doing part-time and later transition into a full-time, more fulfilling career. Here are some ideas:




If putting yourself out there to engage with people isn’t really your thing, and you’re a decent reader and writer, it’s not hard to start writing, editing, or doing transcribing work online for some extra money. You could even write, promote, and sell your own ebook if you’re feeling ambitious! Through networking and building up a client base, you could one day be making your living working out of your favorite coffee shop.


Catering Events and Banquets


Getting on board with a catering company, hotel, or event space that holds weddings and corporate events can be a great way to make some flexible extra money when you have the time. With enough experience, a catering background can lead to a career in event planning, wedding planning, and sales.


Promotions/Brand Ambassador Work


This is a fantastic way to work fun local events while pitching products to people and promoting a brand. It’s easy to get into this kind of work, and it pays very well. A good way to start is by searching on Facebook for “brand ambassadors” and your city name, and start applying to jobs! With a go-getter attitude, this is fun work that can transition into marketing, event planning, or even getting a permanent job promoting one specific product.


Direct Sales

real estate

If you’re the kind of person who loves to engage with people and has no problem chatting with strangers, direct sales might be a good path to take. Direct selling is a method of selling that involves sitting down in private consultations with buyers to review the benefits and pricing of the product. Frequently this model is used for multi-level-marketing products such as doTERRA oils.


Petsitting/Dog Walking

dog guard

For animal lovers, starting your own petsitting and dog walking business can be a no-brainer! There’s decent money to be had by walking people’s dogs while they’re at work and feeding people’s cats when they go away on vacation. It helps to advertise in a wealthy neighborhood.
It’s not impossible to translate a side gig that you find fun into a career that makes you decent money, you just have to focus on searching for gigs and networking. Through hard work, you can one day transition out of the day job you hate into the flexible career you love.