5 Post-Graduate Degrees That Can Boost Earnings

When it comes to increasing your earnings potential, there are few steps that you can take that will help you out more than looking into one of the top master’s degrees to continue your education. Some of the leading fields available today have opportunities for those who take graduate classes. Here are five postgraduate degrees that can benefit your earnings potential.


Master’s in Education


Most school teachers find that they will start out with a fairly low salary based upon the amount of education that they have and the amount of responsibility that they take on. Those who stick to this field will generally have to take continuing education classes to keep their jobs. There is a payoff for those who complete a master’s degree. Most school districts offer teachers a pay raise for getting a graduate degree.




A Master’s in Business Administration is a solid credential for those who are employed in a range of business-oriented positions. It tends to set those who hold it apart from their colleagues who only have a bachelor’s degree. Many times, an MBA from a top school can really help employment options as well as earnings potential.


Master’s in Project Management


Whether you’re in the field of computer engineering or construction, learning the top methods for managing a project to successful completion is a great idea. Like those with an MBA, managers who have advanced studies or degrees in project management will be attractive to human resource managers. Throw in a little real-world experience, and a project management degree will begin to look even better. Melaleuca, Inc. for example, is a major manufacturing company that looks to project managers to develop its Melaleuca products. Those with a master’s degree already have a big advantage over other Melaleuca job candidates.


Master’s in Cybersecurity


Identity theft is one of the biggest fears that all sorts of businesses have. Additionally, hackers would like nothing more than to get information from banks or government agencies. This leads to a great demand in the relatively new field of cybersecurity. Those who are competent employees and who have an advanced degree in this in-demand field should be able to command a solid salary.


Master’s in Accountancy


Just about any business will have need of at least one employee with accounting knowledge. Tax codes can be complicated and costly to navigate, but an accountant with an advanced degree can provide value for companies who want to minimize their taxes through legal means. Many times, these firms will provide bonuses or higher compensation for those who have advanced degrees in accountancy. Further, these careers tend to be stable even (or maybe especially) in troubled economic times.

Earning a postgraduate degree can take quite a bit of time and effort. However, the stress can be worth it for those who are looking to get ahead. Hard work and an advanced degree can frequently pay off in better employment opportunities as well as higher pay over a lifetime.