5 Supplemental Jobs You Can Find Today

For many people, a regular nine to five job simply isn’t enough to cover the bills. If this sounds familiar, then consider these five supplemental jobs that you could be working today.


  1. Video Game Streamer

game stream

There’s a huge market for players looking to stream their gaming sessions, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Simply choose a streaming site, set up a webcam and start playing. A key to being successful in this career path is to be charismatic and chatty while you play, which will help you build up subscribers who’ll pay to watch your content.


  1. Become an Uber Driver


Uber is an ever-expanding business and they’re always looking for more drivers. All you’ll need is a 4-door vehicle made in 2006 or later that’s registered in your state and sufficient insurance, and you can start driving immediately to make some extra money in your free time. In the event of a car accident that happens en route, your insurance may be supplemented by Uber under certain conditions. The best part? You control who you take and what hours you work, so it’s a lot like being your own boss.

  1. Rent Out Your Home



There are plenty of people looking to travel without paying exorbitant hotel fees, and you can fill that need perfectly. Sign up for a hospitality service and offer the guest bedroom of your home. You’ll be in complete control: you’ll set the rules, you’ll approve any guests and, best of all, you’ll be paid to do almost no work.


  1. Become a Mystery Shopper

Thousands of businesses are looking for people who will come into their stores, purchase some products and give real, honest feedback about the service. Mystery Shopping is growing in popularity. This doesn’t require any special skills, only that you be hardworking and write up excellent reviews for companies. Bear in mind that with this option, you’ll sometimes be paid in cash, but sometimes your payment will be in the form of food, clothes, etc.


  1. Try Tutoring


Even if you’re not an academic, you can still tutor school-aged kids with only a GED and a clean background check. Alternatively, if your main job is in an industry like web design, STEM, or any other in-demand field, you can be sure that schools would love for you to pass on your skills to their students.


Get to Work


Whether you desperately need a second job or simply want some spending cash, everyone could do with some extra money. Consider these five jobs as options for earning more money that you can start immediately.