7 Easy-to-Get Trade Jobs

Searching for a new job can be an exciting experience. Those who don’t have a specific career path in mind can make out tremendously with the availability of easy-to-get trade jobs that are out there. Let’s take a look at what some of the most common trade jobs are that are available to all job seekers.




Plumbing is a career that has been around and will stick around well into the future. Understanding how to take apart sinks, clear drain pipes, and developing other plumbing skills are abilities that not everyone possesses. Many firms will hire those with plumbing experience and the appropriate licensing on the spot. Those who don’t have previous experience in this career field are likely to find apprentice employment opportunities where they can get paid to learn and develop a new set of plumbing-specific skills.

Appliance Repair Technician

According to Slyman Brothers, the average lifespan of household appliances is just over 1/3 of what is was 30 years ago. This is partially due to government energy and efficiency regulations, and partially because the growth of the middle class has made it possible to replace appliances that you once needed to repair. Still, with many homeowners feeling the pinch and the EPA showing no signs of backing off of regulations anytime soon, a career in appliance repair can be lucrative and secure. According to Trade-Schools.net, you can complete a training program in just a few weeks!

Vehicle Mechanic



Cars require constant upkeep and skilled technicians when they break down unexpectedly. A vehicle mechanic is an employment opportunity that is always in demand. Local shops and automotive dealerships are always looking for new individuals who are willing to learn not only the basics of maintenance but the complexity of specialized repairs. It’s likely you won’t have to look far when it comes to finding a job as a vehicle mechanic in your town.

Construction Laborer



New buildings, homes, roads, and other structures require the hard work of construction laborers. These individuals take on a variety of tasks. Some of these tasks include unloading building materials, digging trenches, operating machines, disassembling buildings, and preparing construction sites. Construction labor is a field that provides many specific possibilities and is the ideal place for those who enjoy variety on a daily basis. Getting started in the industry usually doesn’t require much off-the-job training, so by taking one of these jobs, you’re essentially getting a paid-for education in the industry!


Carpenters are responsible for working with wood to create a variety of different projects. Some of these projects are as simple as installing doors, while others are more complex, such as building entire houses. Those who enjoy the do-it-yourself aspect of this field can get hands on experience and training with an apprenticeship. Most of these apprenticeships can be found through local carpenter’s unions and job listing websites. Those who are fully trained carpenters tend to take on the role of construction supervisors, project managers, and foremen.

Brick Mason

Also known as a bricklayer, blockmason, and stonemason, a brickmason is a person who creates structures out of brick. This can be with bricks, concrete blocks, man-made stones, and structural tiles. These individuals are always in demand as new buildings, walkways, walls, patios, fences, and other commercial and residential projects are consistently needed. Being a brickmason allows you to work outdoors and physically create masterpieces for your clients.




Welding is a career that is essential for the functioning of other industries. Some of these include construction, auto manufacturing, aerospace, and shipbuilding. Welders use industrial torches, good hand-eye coordination, and attention to detail to join together metal into a new structure. Welders are in demand in almost every city throughout the United States because there are always industries that need the specialized skills that a welder brings to the table.
As you can see, there are many trade jobs that will always remain in high demand. All of the jobs listed above are needed for the daily functioning of humans and our society. By investing in learning any one of these career fields you will be sure to have a long career full of untapped potential and employment.