5 Things They Didn’t Tell You About Working in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a major industry that employs millions of people across the country. While there are plenty of career opportunities in the field, there are five things that people don’t normally tell you about working in healthcare that you should understand before starting a healthcare career.

Profit Matters



Sometimes in our minds we associate profit with greed and evil, and non-profit with virtue and goodness. Therefore, some rationalize, hospitals (whose daily routine involves saving lives and improving health and wellness for millions) must be non-profits. In reality, 501(c)(3) is an IRS tax designation, not a calling. The profit incentive is actually responsible for improving quality and driving down costs across the healthcare industry in ways that are difficult to imitate by organizations without such incentives. So despite popular opinion, there isn’t much moral superiority in being employed at a nonprofit hospital as opposed to a for-profit hospital.

Common Office Problems

While most healthcare workers do not work in a traditional office setting, they do still have many of the daily mundane problems that a typical office worker will have. For example, healthcare data systems that store patient information records are frequently extremely out of date, or the new systems don’t communicate effectively with the old systems, resulting in a patchy mess of information systems. As a result, healthcare workers often have to deal with computers and software that never works right, which is a common and frustrating problem that many people share in a traditional office setting.

Gossip is Very Common

While gossip and office politics are all too common in any work setting, they may be even more frequent in the healthcare industry. Those that are in direct care will often find that they spend a lot of time working in a stressful environment with a lot of different people. Because of this, it is very easy for someone to vent their frustrations and stress away. This can lead to a lot of gossip in the hospital.

School Never Ends


Another factor to consider about healthcare is that the education process never ends. With constant changes to healthcare practices, anyone in the field is required to stay on top of the current practices. This normally means spending a lot of time each year in educational sessions and seminars.

It Will be Very Rewarding

While there are a lot of problems that come with working in healthcare, those that are in the field will have the chance to save and improve lives on a daily basis. While there are patients that will not get better, those that are in the field will frequently feel an incredible sense of pride and self-worth that comes with making someone’s life better and healthier.

In conclusion, since the healthcare industry is one of the largest in the world, there are many different types of jobs that healthcare professionals can get into. While it’s not always all sunshine and rainbows, your ability to help and serve and make a difference in the lives of people cannot possibly be overstated.