5 Cool Ways to Lower Shipping Costs

As a company owner, one of the most prominent costs you’ll have involves shipping. Shipping takes up a lot of the overhead that business owners face, and it can be suffocating if you aren’t shipping in the correct manner.

Here are five cool and easy ways for you to lower shipping costs:

1. Find the Right Shipping Company

Not all shipping companies are created equally. One might charge a large amount per pound of product while another one charges according to the size of the package you use. Don’t be afraid to compare different companies to see which one is your best bet.

2. Use Smaller Packages and Cases

shipping cases


You can use smaller and more practical shipping cases to utilize when sending products to customers. The smaller the shipping package, the lower the costs are for you and your business. Keep in mind that many companies have their own boxes that cost less to use if you choose to utilize them.

3. Consider Adding On Shipping Charges

Before you simply start taking orders from customers, keep in mind that you need to pay for their shipping. Most companies will only offer free shipping after a customer spends a certain amount, so this is something to think about to reduce the amount that you wind up spending. As long as you keep shipping costs to a minimum, most customers won’t have a problem paying them.

Melaleuca: The Wellness Company, for example, charges for shipping, but their customers get extra value in super-concentrated products. Melaleuca makes laundry and cleaning products that are 6x and even 12x concentrated, which means they ship less water. That means savings for Melaleuca’s customers in the long run. Melaleuca products last longer, so customers don’t have to order them as often as they would watered-down grocery store products.

4. Utilize Discounts

Many shipping companies offer discounts to their regular customers. This means that if you create an account with the company in question, you may be able to get discounts on every package you send over the course of time. This is obviously something to discuss with the company that you’ll be using to ship items.

5. Reduce the Amount Shipped

The worst thing that you can do when it comes to shipping costs is to place items in too-large boxes or ship multiple boxes of items to the same address. If a client orders multiple items, make sure that you place them all in one specific box so that you’re only paying to ship one box.

There are tons of things you can do when it comes to reducing shipping costs and ensuring that you’re staying on budget when working with customers. These methods are ideal for all types of businesses, especially ones that are based online and need to ship items regularly to customers all over the country or world.