New ELD Laws Could Have Big Impact On Entire Trucking Industry

Truckers across the country are by and large concerned with new regulations that have roared their head as of late. reports that there are new electronic logging devices (ELD) regulations that are just about to take effect in December. They say that these regulations could cause massive disruptions throughout the whole industry.


What These Devices Do

The intended purpose of electronic logging devices is to keep an electronic record of how many hours a particular driver has been driving his truck. This is in comparison to the old paper logs that drivers used to have to keep manually. It is suspected that ELD usage will help keep more accurate records, and that this alone could help reduce the number of truck accidents on the road.


Mandated Rest Times

Truck drivers are mandated to only drive a certain number of hours before they are required to rest. This is meant to stem off burn out and also reduce the number of truck accidents. It is an absolute fact that the human body can only go for so many hours before it requires rest. As such, federal regulations have required that truck drivers rest after having been on the road for ten or more hours. The electronic logging devices are intended to make sure that regulation is followed more closely.

There is and always has been a lot of pressure on truck drivers to get to wherever it is that they are going as quickly as possible. They get pressure from their own employers to do this. However, they need to rest for the safety of themselves and everyone else out on the roads.


Independent Trucks Object

Most medium and large sized trucking companies have gone ahead and adopted the ELD technology ahead of schedule. They wanted their truckers to be accustomed to using it before regulations required that they absolutely must do so. That being said, there are some holdouts in terms of independent truck drivers. That group has objected in a big way because of the added cost for them. They have an uphill battle against the legislation, since truck accidents are on the rise.


The independent truck drivers would also like to keep things the old way to not feel like they are being monitored all the time. They insist that part of their competitive advantage is to not have to use the ELD devices. However, that may soon be going away as there appears to be no sign of these regulations not going into effect as scheduled.