What You Never Knew About a Career in Higher Education


Recent graduates can be forgiven if the last place they want to look for work is on a college or university campus. After all, they just spent at least four grueling years in a similar environment prepping themselves to head out into the “real” world. But be careful not to give short shrift to a […]

The majority of kids rejoice at the thought of going away to college. For most, it is their first taste of freedom, living on their own, without the eagle eye of their parent watching their every move. With freedom, comes responsibility, to act in an adult manner. However, this new taste of freedom leads to […]

If you ask any kid on the street what they want to be when they grow up, there’s a good chance they’ll say either “firefighter” or “police officer.” There’s a certain romance to the idea of being the man or woman who saves the day. As they grow up, however, few stick with their childhood […]

Want to make a career helping others? You’re in luck, because there are a lot of paths to choose from. Two of these paths involve becoming a physician or physician’s assistant (P.A). These careers are more similar than they are different, but there are a few points to consider before making a decision. Education Both […]

Unfortunately, accidents aren’t very predictable and you often don’t know what is going on until it is too late. Getting injured at work is never a good thing, and the situation is only compounded if you have to miss work to recover. It’s not something you usually think about, but what should you do if […]

A lot of businesses have limited the amount their employees can spend on food, accommodations, and other business travel expenses. This is so the company is not paying for unnecessarily excessive meals or luxuries. If you are one of those employees who needs to think about keeping costs down, here are a few tips you […]

If you’re a premed student in today’s world, healthcare offers unlimited possibilities. With advances in technology, medical students have many exciting career choices. Whether you directly care for patients or work in a laboratory, here are five of the coolest medical careers you’ll find anywhere.   Athletic Trainer If you love sports and medicine, become […]

Technology is no longer an option in the professional world. Investing in software is necessary to succeed with a startup company and to remain competitive. Few companies are able to function properly without the constant use of software. While each business will need to figure out what works best for them, there are a few […]

As a company owner, one of the most prominent costs you’ll have involves shipping. Shipping takes up a lot of the overhead that business owners face, and it can be suffocating if you aren’t shipping in the correct manner. Here are five cool and easy ways for you to lower shipping costs: 1. Find the […]

The healthcare industry is a major industry that employs millions of people across the country. While there are plenty of career opportunities in the field, there are five things that people don’t normally tell you about working in healthcare that you should understand before starting a healthcare career. Profit Matters   Sometimes in our minds […]

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